See You Later ACT/SAT Essay...

Bye-bye now!

For many years, we’ve counseled students against spending much time on the SAT/ACT essay portion. Why? Because colleges don’t really care about essay scores, and they don’t have to publish them when they report accepted students’ stats. Colleges care about the scores out of 800 (SAT) or 36 (ACT), so that’s what we help your kids master. 

At this point, schools are solidifying what we’ve known for many years and dropping the requirement altogether. Here is a list of schools who have recently dropped the dreaded Essay: Brown, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Dartmouth, and Duke (in other words, top schools!). 

Read what The Washington Post and Chicago Tribune reports have to say!

Sure, some schools still technically require the ACT/SAT essay, and we often have kids take it so they have the scores to send if a school does require the optional essay. Either way, we’ve never put much emphasis on the essay, and we’ll continue to focus your kids on what they need, and nothing more, to put these tests behind them.