About SAT Subject Testing

General Tips:

• We’ll be using ‘old-school’ SAT grading, that is 1 point for every correct answer, a 1/4 point off for each incorrect answer and nothing for skips. Proceed strategically!

• When grading, we’ll consider the higher score your primary subject and the second score your secondary subject

• We are not looking for perfect scores! We want to see scores around 700 and definitely take into consideration if you ran out of time, missed specific topics, etc. We understand that it’s likely been a while since you last tested in this way

 We offer retesting should we feel you may be a good fit for TA but didn’t score as high as we’d need to proceed

• We recommend visiting the College Board’s Subject Tests website for a reminder about how these tests work and content covered

• • • 

Test-Specific Tips:

AP Calculus AB - We’ll give you an hour long, non-calculator excerpt of this test

SAT Math Level 1 vs SAT Math Level 2 - Neither of these tests covers calculus, but the Level 2 does have a nicer curve and is encouraged. We will provide a graphing calculator if you need one!

SAT Physics - There is no calculator allowed for this test

SAT Chemistry - There is no calculator allowed for this test. We also recommend you review True/False Statements in advance. Here’s a link to skim: How to Optimize True False questions on SAT II Chemistry Subject Test.

SAT Biology - This test has an Ecology and Molecular section. We’ll ask that you attempt both sections in the hour allotted, as our tutors should be well equipped to tutor both sections

SAT French / SAT Spanish - There is no listening portion for this test

AP European History - We’ll give you an hour long excerpt of this test